30 October 2009

Join DOMOTEX VIP North American Delegation & Make The Most of Your Visit

Jim GouldWere you aware that Domotex organizes a VIP North American Delegation? It's a great way for truly making the most of your visit, particularly if you are new to Domotex or new to Europe.

My first visit to Domotex was in 1990. The floor covering industry had broken away from Heimtexil in Frankfort a year earlier to establish an international show specifically for floor covering in Hannover, Germany.

That first visit I was lost and intimidated by the size of the show. I was also awed by the presentation of so many beautiful products. The exhibitor’s names, product colors, styles and composition were all very different from what I knew in America. Looking back it probably took me three years before I felt comfortable, and could distinguish between exhibitors that were major manufacturers and those that were simply local distributors.

Luckily, I had travelled Europe a lot before 1990 so I wasn't surprised by the differences in electricity, currency or language. I do remember, however, not knowing about the weather, appropriate dress, local transportation, how to register, location of the show, where to stay or eat. When I started to consult with Domotex, I explained my experience and questioned how we might be able to enhance the Domotex Experience for North American exhibitors and attendees and make the show and Hannover less intimidating, more comfortable and more user friendly.

To that end Domotex helped organize a VIP North American Delegation.

Sounds fancy but in reality it is a valuable package of perks being offered to North American visitors FREE. If you are attending Domotex in Hannover, Germany, January 16-19, 2010, you are eligible, just let me know you are going and I will sign you up, no charge. Here is what you can expect from becoming part of the VIP North American Delegation:

- Pre-registration to show, no standing in lines
- Free Admission tickets to the show (value $33 per day)
- Free Show Directory (value $25)
- Assistance with air reservations
- Negotiated hotel rates and room block
- Free local van, tram or train from hotel to the fairgrounds
- Free access to quiet VIP meeting area
- Appointment with US Department of Commerce Trade Specialists
- Visit to Retail Floor Covering stores in the Hannover area,
- Help scheduling appointments with key potential vendors or customers
- Answers to any questions you have about Domotex, Hannover or the European floor covering market.

Participation in the VIP Delegation does not mean that you must use any of these services. Get your own hotel or book your own air travel if you like. We are just offering the service if you want guidance or to check your prices.

Our goal is to be there if you want us and to enrich your Domotex experience. Whether you need help arranging business meetings, guidance on how to “work the show,” or simply need information about making your trip to Germany and Europe more fun, let us know and we will do our best to help.

First time traveler to Europe? We will send you a list of Frequently Asked Questions and Answers about weather, dress, transportation, electricity, currency, credit cards and language.

First time traveler to Domotex? Let us know and we will help you know what to expect.

The Domotex VIP North American Delegation really is a great way to make the most of your visit to Hannover and Domotex! Please don't hesitate to contact Rita Dommermuth at rita@hfusa.com or me at jgould@floorcoveringinstitute.com. We both look forward to helping make this Dometex visit the best ever!

~ Jim

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Anonymous said...

This looks geat Jim. I am excited to see this show for the first time. We are hoping this show will be beneficial for our members.

Jeff Macco
National Floor Covering Alliance President

Jim said...

Thanks for your support and that of the NFA. Looking forward to having you join us in Germany.