10 January 2010

Hannover Restaurants For Domotex Dining

Jim Gould

Where To Dine In Hannover?

A question that frequently comes up at Domotex time is where to go for dinner in Hannover? I have my favorite and dine there every Domotex. But what about others? Hannover offers many excellent restaurants and a variety of cuisines: which to choose? I decided to survey my colleagues for their favorites. The result is this list of best Hannover Restaurants for Domotex Dining.

For all of these, I recommend calling ahead for a reservation. Also, not all take credit cards.

Best Hannover Restaurants for Domotex Dining

Kim Gavin, Floor Covering Weekly
Kim's favorite in Hannover is the highly rated Chinese/Asian restaurant - Arc En'Ciel. It is located Downtown near the train station and a two block walk from the Crowne Plaza Hotel. It is open Monday through Saturday and accepts credit cards.

Address: Königstraße 55, 30175 Hannover
Phone: 0511 313 857

David Wootton, The Wootton Group
David considers the best restaurant in Hannover to be Die Insel. He says it's quite expensive, but good and authentically German.

Rudolf-von-Bennigsen Ufer 81, D-30519 Hannover
Tel. +49 (0)511.83 12 14

Rita Dommermuth, DOMOTEX
Rita recommends Pier 51. It's a restaurant with international cuisine and an exciting view. The restaurant has a unique, almost Mediterranean feel, with two-thirds of it directly overlooking the Maschsee lake. It is rated as one of Hannover's best restaurants and has received numerous awards. Garden or terrace, and beer garden.

Rudolf-von-Bennigsen-Ufer 51, 30173 Hannover
Phone +49 511 807 180-0

Monika Arnold, DOMOTEX
Monika recommends three restaurants:

Basil. The food is excellent and the atmosphere is very nice as you can see from the website (also in english).

Address: Dragonerstraße 30, 30163 Hannover, Germany
Phone: 0511 622-636

If you are looking for a bavarian restaurant, the Bavarium and the Paulaner are really traditional restaurants in that style from the northern part of Germany. Unfortunately the websites are only in German.

Bavarium Address: Windmühlenstraße 3, 30159 Hannover
Bavarium Phone: 0511 323600

Paulaner Address: Prinzenstraße 1, 30159 Hannover
Paulener Phone: 0511 3681285

And, last, but certainly NOT least, mine!

My favorite is the Altedeutsche Bierstube. It is a great cozy, little, traditional German food restaurant. Their unique schweinhoch (pig’s knuckle) served with its crispy skin, mashed potatoes and sauerkraut is a meal I dream about all year long. I’m looking forward to enjoying another great dinner there this year. It is is only open Monday through Saturday [i.e., closed Sunday]. Also, they do NOT take credit cards.

Address: Kobelingerstrasse 1, 30159, Hannover,
Phone: 511 344 921

If you have favorite Hannover restaurants you've enjoyed while at Domotex, let us know in the comments. And, if you go to any of these restaurants, let us know what you enjoyed most.

Safe travels and see you shortly at DOMOTEX!

~ Jim

Jim Gould, Floor Covering Institute

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Bill Secrest said...

Jim, Thanks for the info, I have printed it. I would like to pass along a place that the NWFA/AHEC has our dinner party each year.

It is the Da VINCI RISTORANTE PIZZERIA located on:
Hildesheimer Strasse 228, 30519 HANNOVER-DÖHREN.
Website: www.rist-da-vinci.de
Tel. ++49 511 8436556
Fax, ++49 511 8437208

It is very near a tram stop between the fair and downtown, which makes it very convenient after a late nite at the fair.

Bill Secrest
Graf Brothers Flooring