15 November 2010

Souk Deluxe at DOMOTEX 2010, Hall 20

Souk Deluxe at DOMOTEX 2010, Hall 20

Souk Deluxe brings exotic inspiration to DOMOTEX 2011's handmade rug trend display in Hall 20.

A souq or souk is an Arabic word that typically designates a market or central bazaar where local merchants set up items such as textiles, spices and jewelry. One of the most well known Souks is located in the Moroccan city of Marrakesh.

Inspired by this concept, world renowned designer and contemporary rug artist, Jan Kath, has created a special presentation and trend display at DOMOTEX appropriately named SOUK Deluxe. At Souk Deluxe you will find the highest quality of handmade carpet - created by 17 companies belonging to the world's "knotted rug avant garde" - prominently displayed in a sort of three dimensional format.

As you can see from the photo below, the rugs are displayed in various platforms that allow visitors to view the pieces from different angles which further ties in the concept of a souk because none of the platforms are perfectly aligned.

Souk Deluxe 2011

According to the recent press release,

"The underlying concept for Souk Deluxe in 2011 is a “Rug Wave” – a wave that washes the latest innovations and trends in hand-made carpets onto the market. The visual impact of the stand design communicates both elegance and creative energy."

You can read the entire release Souk Deluxe: Hand-made carpets of the highest quality. It details the source of inspiration as well as how the displays contribute to the overall effect.

The concept of Souk Deluxe is for buyers, designers and other industry members to view the latest new products in the handmade sector as well as network with their peers and exhibitors in the neighboring booths. This special presentation in Hall 20 is not to be missed. It will be as elegant and stylish as only Jan Kath can create!

I can't wait to experience it myself and look forward to hearing your reactions.

~ Katherine

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