22 December 2010

Holiday Traditions in Germany: Happy Holidays From DOMOTEX!

Happy Holidays From DOMOTEX!
Santa! I know him!

If you have seen the movie “Elf” then you will certainly understand the reference above. I was recently in NYC on my way to the Hannover Fairs USA corporate office in Princeton, NJ when I literally ran into a mob of Santas on their way to the next pub during the 2010 Santa Pub Crawl NYC.

Every culture and/or religion has their own way of celebrating this time of year and these celebrations could last a day, a week or even a month as happens in Germany.

For Germans, Christmas is a month long celebration that includes Christmas markets in cities like Munich, Cologne, Berlin and Dresden which is the oldest Christmas market in Germany dating back to 1434. At any one of these markets you will find traditional gifts, music, food and typical beverages like Glühwein, hot mulled red wine. If you get a chance to visit the Christmas markets in Germany and order Glühwein, make sure and try the Glühwein mit Schuss (with a shot of brandy).

[See Hannover Holiday Traditions for additional German holiday traditions.]

Advent marks the beginning of the holiday season with a wreath of evergreens and red candles that are placed in the home; one candle is lit on each Sunday before Christmas.

For most, the real start to the German holiday season is Nikolaustag or St. Nicholas Feast’s Day on December 6th, when children leave a shoe or boot outside their bedroom door the night before. The idea is that St. Nikolaus will appear overnight and put little gifts into their boots if they have been `good` throughout the year. `Bad` kids will only receive a bunch of twigs (a birch).

The Christmas tree, originating in Germany, is also an integral part of the German Christmas tradition and Christmas day is typically a day of gathering with family members.

Whatever your holiday tradition might be, all of us here at DOMOTEX wish you a very happy and safe holiday season. We look forward to a prosperous New Year in the floor covering industry and to seeing you at DOMOTEX 2011!

~ Katherine

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