10 January 2011

Being Mobile at DOMOTEX: #domotex & Tools

Being Mobile at DOMOTEX: #domotex & Tools
I suspect that most of you will depend on your smartphone mobile device to communicate, connect and even possibly navigate while in Hannover for DOMOTEX 2011.

That's certainly what I'll be doing and I think you'll find the following mobile related information valuable... It relates to mobile tools and connecting via #domotex.

Connecting via #domotex

For those of you using Twitter, save a search on your smartphone Twitter client for #domotex.  That will allow you to keep abreast of announcements and conversations taking place during DOMOTEX - including any last minute Tweetups.  My Twitter handle is @thedomotex.

Mobile DOMOTEX Tools

Exciting news from DOMOTEX to help you navigate the world's largest floor covering trade show and event: DOMOTEX2go. Perhaps you noticed the status update on Facebook about it.

I recommend that you install DOMOTEX2go now on your smartphone and consider bookmarking before you are in Hannover those products, exhibitors and talks that you want to make sure you have time for and visit.

By the way, definitely explore DOMOTEX2go on your desktop. You'll notice maps, and listings of products, exhibitors, talks. If there's something of interest, you can bookmark it and the application will calculate how to get to that location! Priceless if you've spent any time trying to negotiate and navigate through DOMOTEX Hannover's  13 exhibit halls.

You have two options for your smartphone:

For the iPhone app, I strongly recommend downloading from your desktop and iTunes rather than directly to your iPhone. The application will download a large database of information onto your phone for quick and easy access

Note for the iPhone: the application requires version 4.01 of the iPhone software.

The image below shows you the DOMOTEX2go app.

DOMOTEX2go app

I look forward to connecting with you while at DOMOTEX and hope you find these tools helpful. 

~ Katherine

Katherine León
Director of Sales - DOMOTEX and LIGNA Worldwide Events

Hannover Fairs USA
1170 Howell Mill Road, Suite 300
Atlanta, GA 30318
Phone: 404.214.0432

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